Your ultimate guide to partying with a hot tub

Hot Tub Party

If you are ready to make a hot tub a centrepiece of your party, our guide is here to help you ensure your event is a successful one. More and more parties are being centred around hot tubs, which add an extra touch of excitement and magic to your big occasion. Let’s take a look at some of the key tips for planning an unforgettable hot tub party right now.

Choose a theme

One way to ensure your hot tub party is a success is to opt for a theme. There are so many exciting themes that you can opt for. The ages of your guests may play a big role in determining which theme you choose. If your party is being attended by people of all ages, you will need to go for a family-friendly theme. This could be a movie or a certain colour for instance. An adults-only hot tub party may be themed around things like cocktails and music. Some popular themes for hot tub parties include beaches, surfing and barbecues.

How to create invitations for your hot tub party

If you want people to attend your hot tub party, you need to ensure potential guests actually know you have one planned. Of course, you could simply let them know informally via social media or text, but it can be much more fun to create special invitations for your event. There are also online services that allow you to send out multiple invitations through email, but several options are also available if you want to do it the old-fashioned way, through the post. You can either purchase pre-printed invitations online or from a local shop or start from scratch and can create your unique design. Creating your own designs from scratch can be incredibly powerful when it comes to generating excitement around your event and shows you are going the extra mile to plan a truly memorable experience.

Source exciting decorations

The right decorations can help you create a truly amazing atmosphere, allowing your guests to get into the party spirit from the moment they walk through your front door. Applying a welcome sign to your door will help your guests get in a party mood immediately, and you can also create a fun atmosphere with balloons, tablecloths, ornaments and other props. The theme that you have opted for can help you decide upon a colour scheme. Nautical colours that will work well for your hot tub party include white, yellow and navy blue. You can also use props like fishing nets and anchors to enhance this theme.

Create an amazing atmosphere with music and lighting

It’s a great idea to create a playlist for your hot tub party before the big event so you can sit back and relax knowing the music has already been lined up for you. You may also find many suitable pre-made playlists online. You can either maintain a high energy level throughout or take the pace down as the evening draws to a close. When it comes to lighting, you have many options available to you. More and more people are using lanterns, candles and fire pits to create the right mood. If you do use electrical lights near your hot tub, be very careful to avoid any dangerous mishaps.

Invest in a photo booth hire service

More and more people are hiring photo booths to ensure their guests have fantastic mementoes to take home once party time is over. You can provide your guests with props that they can include in their photographs. You can also create a DIY photo booth if you don’t want to hire a booth. This can be achieved by creating a photo wall that your guests can stand in front of when their pictures are taken. Items that you can add to your backdrop include garlands, balloons, toy sharks and images of tropical scenery. If you do decide to hire a photo booth, you’ll normally get the chance to upload the images on social media and receive the services of an attendant, who may also provide props.

Play party games

There are many popular party games to opt for that can keep all your guests entertained throughout your hot tub party. Let’s take a look at some great games to play in your hot tub right now.

1. Ping Pong Panic

You only need five ping pong balls to play this popular game. In this game, no part of the body can be used, so if a ball touches you, you will need to leave the tub. The winner is the last person left in the hot tub. They can then decide how they want to penalise the losers.

2. Hot Tub Hockey

The only prop you will need for hot tub hockey is a floating duck. The   aim of the game is to get the duck to reach the other team’s side of the tub via water and air. To begin, place the duck in the middle and ensure the two teams you have created are sat opposite each other. Players aren’t permitted to touch the duck, but they can blow it or make waves with the water. Each time the duck reaches the opposition’s side of the tub, they earn a point. The winning team is the one that reaches three points first. You can make it even more competitive by playing for prizes.

3. Pass the bottle

This game sees a plastic water-filled bottle being passed around the tub without the use of hands. Although you can use other parts of your body, the player you are passing the bottle to must use a different part of theirs. For instance, if you pass the bottle to another player with your feet, they must use another part. If someone drops the bottle, they will be penalised. The game will then need to start again with a different part of the body being used.

4. Tubthumping

All you need to play this game is the hot tub itself. Each player needs to pick a gesture to represent themselves. At the start of the game, everyone needs to sit in a circle and slap the water repeatedly. You will need to pick the first player to perform their gesture until everyone has done theirs. Once this has happened, the first player needs to show their gesture, then someone else’s. The person who has just had their sign performed will need to show their own gesture, then another player’s. Whenever someone makes a mistake, they should be penalised. The game can be more difficult than it seems due to the continuous slapping of water, which can be incredibly distracting.

Feed your guests with fantastic party food

There are many culinary options available to you when it comes to hot tub party food. The aquatic theme means fish and other seafood are ideal, but barbecues, tacos, cheeseburgers, pizzas, hot dogs and desserts are also popular with people attending hot tub parties. It’s important to ensure there are enough options for your guests when it comes to desserts, especially if they’re working up an appetite via various hot tub games. Consider offering cakes, sweets, doughnuts, trifles and eclairs, to give just a few examples. You may need to provide a wide range of beverages including beer, wine, cocktails and spirits, but don’t forget to cater for those who won’t be consuming alcohol for whatever reason during your event.

What to wear at a hot tub party

If your hot tub party has a theme, you can encourage your guests to opt for garments that fit in with this. Perhaps you’re not sure what to wear during your big event and are seeking inspiration? Simply searching for the term ‘hot tub swimwear’ can help you find a host of suitable ideas.

Hot tub safety and etiquette

To ensure your hot tub party goes well, it’s important to plan carefully so you can keep risk to a minimum. Before your event gets underway, let your guests know what your hot tub party safety rules are. You can include these rules in the invitation or the e-mail that you send with it if you’re doing everything online.

If young children are attending your event, you’ll need to turn the temperature down. They will need to be supervised at all times and should shower both before and after they use the hot tub. They shouldn’t hastily jump or dive into the hot tub, but should enter and exit it very slowly. Glass should be kept well away from the hot tub, so use plastic glasses for drinks.

If a child is big enough to use a hot tub, they should only remain in it for five minutes at once unless you have turned the temperature down considerably. Most hot tubs are run at temperatures of around 38 °C, but bigger kids can remain in the tub for around fifteen minutes a time if you reduce it to 36 °C. You’ll also need to keep water close to the tub so kids can easily access it when they need it. This will help them avoid dehydration.

You also need to keep a first aid kit close to the hot tub so accidents can quickly be attended to. You need to explain your hot tub safety rules to everyone who is attending to minimise risk and ensure a fantastic time is had by all.

How SpaNation can help

At SpaNation, we are ready to hear from you right now if you wish to purchase first-class hot tub hire services. We can provide you with a top-of-the-range hot tub that accommodates 5- 7 people, which is the ideal capacity for many get-togethers. We can also assist you if you need add-ons to make your experience even more magical and exciting, with many of our customers opting for gazebos and decorative lighting.

When you hire a hot tub for a party with us, you can rest assured that most tasks will be carried out on your behalf. This means we will not only bring your hot tub to you but install and uninstall it too. If you are interested in hiring a quality hot tub for a party, simply get in touch with us or complete the form on our site. We will then get in touch for a few further details and secure your booking with a deposit. There are various options to choose from to help create your themed party, and we can offer longer rental periods in many situations. To keep up to date with the latest news and offers at SpaNation, simply sign up for email alerts on our site.

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